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1. Let's talk to identify the task
Explain your business idea and we'll use our experience to enhance it

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2. Find solutions
We find the most efficient digital tools. It could be custom web app or even Google spread sheets

3. Estimation of time
The estimation stage allows the client to estimate the time and budget that will be required to complete the task
4. Prototyping
We convert the idea into an interface to prove it on the early stage

5. Development
We find the most efficient digital tools. It could be custom web app or even Google spread sheets

6. Get results
Track your productivity boost and get profit

The goal of the project
BoostUp is natively integrated with all communication channels and CRMs to score every deal on sentiment, relationship, engagement and seller action risk

Our contribution to the project
We have completely made the front-end part of the service.

The project has been launched. Sellers departments of large companies regularly use this service to make various forecasts.

The goal of the project
Create an analytical service that will allow crypto investors to make correct and timely investment decisions.

Our contribution to the project
We have made the whole front-end part of the project, as well as the design and product management.

The project was launched in the soft launch stage and successfully conducted by ICO.

The goal of the project
Koolooks is a beautiful, moderated community that uplifts women, and anyone, who is looking for a safe place to be yourself, to be loved for who you are. Share fashion, beauty, art, inspiration, and personal goals and challenges. Receive votes, comments, and advice on your posts from our loving community.

Our contribution to the project
We made back office for the project from scratch: dashboard for desktop, dashboard for mobile application, wireframes and project management.

The app is successfully loaded into the AppStore and is used by tens of thousands of people every day.

Our core team
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and to make our clients happy

Kirill Neruchev
Chief technology officer
Andrey Shatunov
DevOps engineer
Max Buranbaev
JS developer
Ilya Hamraev
JS developer
Ilya Pesterev
Product manager
Dmitriy Tenitskiy
JS developer
Sergey Ivanov
JS developer
Artak Mkrtchyan
JS developer
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